Terms and Conditions


All cars must be available for inspection between 1 pm and 3:30pm. Cars will not be accepted after 3:30pm.

  • Prize or Tow money will be paid inclusive of GST. If a competitor has an ABN and does not provide number and does not declare their racing to be a hobby, withholding TAX of 48% will be withheld and remitted to the ATO
  • *Any prize or Tow money unclaimed within 14 days shall become disputed prize money as per Australian Speedway Racing Rules and there shall be no grounds for return after 14 days of the said meeting.


  • NO dual nominations – ie: two drivers in one car in the same division /one car in two divisions on the night.
  • Nominations close Monday week of race meeting date at 5:00 PM (NO EXCEPTIONS). All nominations received/ accepted after this time will be deemed a late nomination and start rear of field.


  • I, the person stated above DO HEREBY AGREE to indemnify and keep the Promoter, Landholder, their Agents and Officials from all actions, suits, claims and demands for damages or any other expenses what so ever arising out of, or relating to or from the use by me on the Gladstone Speedway circuit and it’s surrounds for the purpose connected with practice and / or competitive racing or trials and or motor events. I further agree that I will promptly carry out any reasonable instructions from any Official of the Gladstone Speedway and will not in any way, do or suffer to be done, anything contrary to the regulations of the said club. The DRIVER shall be responsible for his or her Pit Crew according to the racing rules and regulations. I also understand that the nominated driver and his/her pit crew may appear in visual media (i.e. photographs, video footage) that is taken inside this speedway complex and that it remains the property of the media personnel involved; I also agree to any visual media involving the nominated driver and his/her pit crew to be used by the associated media personnel and/or Gladstone Speedway
  • The promoter/club has the right to refuse any nomination.
  • Compliance with the current COVID safe practices in place is the personal responsibility of every person who enters the complex.


  • Applications are received via electronic submission and payment.
    Memberships will then be tabled at the regular committee meetings for approval.
  • Shall your membership be confirmed, you will be sent an email with links to joining private groups for communication (WhatsApp)
    If your membership is declined, the committee will inform via email and arrange a refund of your paid membership fees.
  • It is looked upon favourable for residents to be members of the local Gladstone club, this will also play a part and reviewed when nominating for local events at our track.
  • For more information – please reference the Gladstone Auto Club Inc. constitution under the association’s incorporation act 2009.